ActivitiesWe bring water back to its natural state: Usable.

Our Activities

We know how to treat all types of water to achieve the requirements of its final use: waters suitable for human consumption, irrigation and industrial use or discharged into public watercourses. We design, build and operate all types of treatment facilities, providing consulting services tailored to each client. More than 25 years building water treatment plants are proof of this.


Drinking water treatment plants

Water resources are usually very diverse (deep wells, rivers, dams, etc.). Besides, many other factors such as soil composition and climate, causes a great diversity of types of water to be treated. All this means that we find a great variety of water characteristics that demand a spe-cific design of the treatment plant.

En las Plantas de Tratamiento de Agua Potable (E.T.A.P.), el agua bruta es sometida a una serie de procesos encaminados a eliminar las sustancias que puedan resultar nocivas para el consumo humano. Siendo necesario que el producto cumpla con las normativas adoptadas en el país determinado.

En TERSAQUA desarrollamos y operamos Estaciones de Tratamiento de Agua Potable para el abastecimiento de poblaciones en las que adaptamos nuestros conocimientos a las necesidades del cliente. Utilizando para ello todas las tecnologías disponibles en el mercado.


  • Design, construction and operation of DWTP. Turnkey projects.
  • Operation of existing DWTP.
  • Audits of operating plants.
  • Energy Optimization.
  • Rehabilitations.
  • Study of treatment options depending on the quality of the raw water to be treated.
  • Enlargements of the capacity of existing DWTP.
  • Design and construction of complementary treatments for existing plants.
    • Activated carbon.
    • Ozonization.
    • Sludge treatments.